How to Save Furniture with Water Damage

When your basement or home gets flooded the damages can range in the low to high thousands of dollars.  Water soaked wood can be saved!  The idea is to clean the wood and kill any bacteria or residue that was left on the furniture.  Then save the wood by applying a new protective finish.  This is to stop the risk of mold and mildew growing on the wood.  It will slowly spread to other pieces of furniture, even ones that weren’t affected by water.

The quicker you act the better your chances of saving the furniture will be.  You can clean your item by combining this simple solution, 8 oz. of bleach to ½ oz. of dishwashing detergent to 2 gallons of water.  We recommend doing this outside and wearing hand and eye protection.  Apply the solution to the entire chair and scrub down areas with visible mold.  The water and bacteria will almost certainly strip away any existing lacquer or varnish.  Apply a stripper to remove all the old varnish away. 333

Since we are trying to the save the furniture, we save the wood by cleaning it and restore it by stripping and applying new coats.  The other alternative option is taking your furniture to a professional.  Upholstery furniture should most likely be recycled if it isn’t an antique or very valuable.  This is because the upholstery is very good at absorbing water and any contaminates that come with it.  If your upholstered furniture is valuable you should have it professionally done in order to retain as much of its value as possible.

Follow and share our directions.  Your wood furniture can be saved from the water damage.  Check back later for more tips.  If you’re in need of new furniture, check out our July 4th savings at our website and this .PDF file outlining flood safety procedures from the EPA

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