Schools Out for Summer …Almost!

School is close to letting out for summer and now is the time to take advantage of our great sales on kid’s bedroom furniture.  You can redesign your child’s room to include bunk beds, one of our unique beds, or a cappuccino twin low loft bed.  As a parent it is up to you to create a nurturing and fun environment for your kids.  Redesigning their bedrooms can be a fun and memorable experience.

If you think your child would love a unique and different style bed then try the Blue Tent Loft with a slide.  This style bed is ready for a mattress and durable with its pine wood construction.  The bed is positioned higher because there is a tent beneath for creative play.  The bed comes with a ladder and a slide.  Your child can have fun getting out of bed every morning. This tent loft bed also comes in red!2

If your child is a little older and requires a more grown up bed, then check out our Chelsea Square Bookcase Bed.  This bed comes with a large drawer underneath for linens, toys, or books.  The bed frame is a sturdy construction and is mattress ready and comes in twin or full size.  The bed also features a bookcase as a head panel.  This bed is an all-around favorite and will look great in your child’s room!

If your child is more of an adolescent age then he or she probably is beginning to develop life interests.  It could be photography, sports, dance, writing, or science.  The Twin Low Loft encompasses a bed, drawers, bookcase, and desk all in one.  The bed is high off the ground so it comes with a ladder for getting in and out easily.  The bookcase is positioned at the end of the bed for easy access and can hold an assortment of large and small books.  The three drawers are tightly fastened to the frame and are easily opened and closed.  The weight of the bed frame will keep opening heavy drawers from tipping the bed.  In addition, the bed also comes with a roll out desk.  The desk is large enough for books, papers, and a computer.  When your sons or daughters are done with their homework or hobby they can easily roll the desk back under the bed.  The Twin Low Loft bed comes in a stylish cappuccino color.  This ultimate bedroom accessory will save you money and space.

3Landmark Furniture can be your one stop shop for redesigning your kid’s bedroom for summer.  View the Youth Furniture section of our website for more information.  We are always cutting prices so check our website frequently!

Update Your Living Room Furniture

Your living room should be all about comfort.  When you get home from a long day at work your living room should be your vacation spot away from the everyday stress.  Relax on the couch with your spouse or have some friends over to watch a movie.  Check out our sales on our living room sets, couches, and more!

For a limited time, our Cosmopolitan Power Living Room Set by Catnapper has been marked down to $2,799.99 from $4,200!  This ultra-comfortable sofa collection has become a fast customer favorite.  The two-piece collection can sit a total of five people comfortably.  The cushioning will fit your body perfectly whether you’re watching the big game or your favorite reality show.   This sofa and loveseat are an elegant light brown to blend with your living room arrangement. 1

If you’re looking for a living room set with a more classic approach, then view our Flannel Seal Living Room Set by American.   This living room set can function as the centerpiece of your room or can be arranged around a television or fireplace. This furniture not only looks good but is very comfortable.  The deep cushioning will make your comfortable and relaxed.  Each member of your family can have their own comfortable spot to relax.  You can save almost $800 on The Flannel Seal Living Room Set and pay only $1,199.

You don’t need to wait to afford these great prices.  We offer financing options for everyone and you don’t need credit!  Prequalified buyers will receive 0% interest on purchases for up to 60 months.   You can afford that living room set and pay over time!