Hurricane Harvey Recovery Sale


With the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused to the city of Houston and surrounding areas, Houston-owned Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture is now offering brand-named, locally-owned, Serta mattresses at cost with no mark-up prices. “We couldn’t do anything to stop the flooding, but we can absolutely help aid in the recovery. We’ve all got an obligation to our city and the wonderful people in it and we’ll be here to help get our city and state back on its feet” said Brad Taylor, owner.

Altogether, the ten Houston area stores have approximately 50 employees who all are safe. However, 20 percent of the staff, approximately ten employees, their families and homes were heavily affected by the flooding. Among the ten locations within the Houston area, Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture only experienced major flooding their Webster / Clearlake locations (20610 Gulf Freeway #A, Webster TX 77598) as well as minimal flooding at the North Houston locations (5900 North Freeway, Houston TX 77076). All locations are now open. As employee safety is the primary concern, Mattresses for Less will continue to monitor the flooding and evaluate the next steps to take as the water continues to recede and family’s homes are rebuilt.

Like most Houstonians, Brad Taylor, was at home on Saturday with his family preparing for the storm to come. As the night went on and the flood waters rose, he sat nervously as the water reached a level that left him and his family no safe way to exit the neighborhood. Beginning to feel helpless, he reached out to his employees to check on their well-being and luckily everyone was safe, although many had experienced severe flooding in their homes. He didn’t know the fate of his 10 Houston-area furniture and mattress stores and had no way to check on them. With inventory at an all-time high in preparation for the company’s upcoming “Labor Day Sale”, Taylor was worried about the stores that his family has worked so diligently to build over the last 20 years. As soon as they were able, Taylor along with several employees, spent their time involved in rescue efforts throughout their respective local communities, while others spent their time salvaging what possessions they could and assisted their neighbors as well.

“Because of the devastating and long-lasting effects that Hurricane Harvey will have on Houstonians and Texans throughout the Gulf Coast, Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture are offering our Houston-based, Serta-brand mattresses at cost,” explains Taylor. “We understand that beds, mattresses and in many cases entire homes are ruined because of Hurricane Harvey, and we want to help.”

In addition to providing mattresses at cost, both Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture are also providing free same-day delivery and free haul-away of damaged mattresses. The stores have also worked with credit partners to secure 0% down payment with no credit check financing to aid in the recovery process. “We understand that when you experience a catastrophic event, it can take time to recover. Many Texans have needs today that cannot wait for insurance claims or disaster relief funds. We’re all tired and we’ve all got to sleep” says Taylor.

Both stores have developed a rapid response system online to aid those whom have been flooded and who need quick replacement and haul away of damaged goods.

For the month of September, all Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture locations will donate 10% of all mattresses replacement sales to local recovery efforts and will accept recovery donations at all Houston area locations.

Founded in 1997, Mattresses for Less has been a part of the Houston community for two decades now; It’s grown from one man’s dream to one of the fastest-growing furniture retailers in Houston. As a family-run business, we believe in always helping our fellow Texans when we can, especially during such a historic natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, and we’re doing the best we can to all our locations up and running so that we can serve everyone in their time of need; Everyone deserves an affordable, comfortable mattress and a better night’s sleep.

LMF-Back2School-2017-1000x500Back to School Blowout at Landmark Furniture!

As most parents know, back to school shopping can get expensive.

“In Houston, pricey additions to back-to-school lists have inflat2ed the cost of supplies. A recent Deloitte survey estimated that local shoppers will spend an average of $623 on classroom items, clothes, electronics and computers this season. That is higher than the national average.”

As a family-run business, Landmark Furniture is no stranger to back to school season and understands the chaos of getting binders, pens, backpacks to properly prepare the kids for the new school year.

Don’t make it any harder on yourself shopping all around town for new furniture when Landmark Furniture offers ZERO percent interest for up to 60 months for pre-qualified buyers.

Or get instant credit up to $4,000 with no interest payments for 90 days. Landmark Furniture offers second-chance financing with no credit check and a First-Time Buyers Program.

With the school year starting back up again, it’s time to get supplies. And that includes furniture.Landmark_FINAL-Logo-ColorText

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The Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Do you adjust to your bed or does your bed adjust to you?

When we first buy a new car or when you get into a rental vehicle for the first time, the first thing that you do upon sitting in and buckling up is making the proper adjustments to the seat height, distance from the pedals, steering wheel height, and side mirror location.

It’s really something that we don’t even think about. We make the adjustments out of habit and to ensure that we have a safe and comfortable ride.

When you get into to bed at night, do you make the proper adjustments to your sleep setup? You know, building the tower of pillows to get you the support that you need on your head, neck, or lower back. Maybe you face a certain direction to soften the blow of your spouse’s loud snoring? Or even worse, maybe you slip in some ear plugs?

If not, how well do you sleep? Do you wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day?

Adjustable bed bases can be a heaven sent to getting the proper custom adjustment that you need to sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Benefits of Adjustable Bed Bases

One good reason for an adjustable bed base is that you can stop building the tower of pillows every night. Whether you like to read in bed, watch TV, or just like to sleep more elevated, adjustable bases make custom setting easy without a mountain of pillows that end up on the floor in the morning.

Another benefit to an adjustable bed base is that you can wake up less stiff. If you suffer from joint pain or injuries, then you know that sleeping can be painful. There are many models and settings that can stimulate weightlessness, which takes the pressure off the limbs and lower back. The benefit is that your time in bed can be spent restoring and healing your body, not laying in pain.

Do you ever with that you had a permanent in-home masseuse that could gently massage you to sleep? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, if you suffer from insomnia and have a hard time falling asleep, maybe a model with massage function is just what you need to get you counting sheep?  Technology has come a long way and new adjustable beds include features like sleep tracking, massage, heart rate, and even REM sleep tracking. This ain’t your Grandma’s bed anymore!

Are you a victim of the snooze button? Adjustable bed bases can help with your snooze addiction in several ways. First, if you get better sleep then you will feel more rested and less apt to hit the snooze button come sunrise. Also, there are models available that will slowly lift you into a sitting position to wake you up in a nice, gently way.

Houston Adjustable Bed Bases

Landmark Furniture is Houston’s Adjustable bed base headquarters. If you are looking for the largest selection of adjustable bed bases in the state of Texas, look no further than Landmark Furniture. You can get a cheap adjustable base starting as low as $599. Whether you are looking for the best adjustable motion bed on the market with all the bells and whistles or just a cheap motion bed to upgrade from your standard box spring, Landmark Furniture has the largest selection in Houston.

Cheap Adjustable Bed

If you are in the market to upgrade to an adjustable base, then now may a great time to do so. Landmark Furniture is making room for new models and have many adjustable base close out specials. For the ultimate in luxury and technology, look no further than the Serta Smart Motion II ( with sleep GPS or the Smart Motion 3.0 with Sleeptracker (

Houston, Texas Adjustable Motion Bed Base Headquarters

Landmark Furniture will be offering huge savings on adjustable bed bases all month long at all 4 Houston area locations. Choose from all major brands including Serta, Simmons, Leggett & Platt, Rise, and more!

Special Financing Offers

At Landmark Furniture, EVERYONE is APPROVED! If you have been rejected for credit for any reason, give us a call and we’ll take care of you. Our current financing incentives include:

  • Guaranteed Credit Approvals*
  • 0% Interest for up to 5 years*
  • We’ll make your first payment! *

Click her to shop adjustable bases:

Houston, Texas Landmark Furniture Locations:

  • North Houston
  • Katy
  • Webster / Clear Lake
  • Town & Country

Click here for a list of Locations (

*See store for details.

Tax Refund Season – A Great Time to Save on a Furniture?

It’ that time of year again…that’s right, Tax Refund Season!

So, maybe you’re not ecstatic about Uncle Sam repaying his debts…unless you are in the market to furnish your home.

That’s right, tax refund season is also the start of “furniture season” …the inevitable time of year when local furniture retailers lure you in with their promised of overstocked inventory and prices too low to advertise.

Are there any truth to these “Tax Refund Sales?”

The answer is SOMETIMES… and if you’re in the market and savvy to the opportunities you could save a ton of money and live better this summer!

Uneven Forecasts

Furniture stores, like many other retailers, must forecast potential sales and purchase inventory to match their predicted forecasts. Most retailers will many times use historical data to predict future sales trends.

This year, many retailers stocked up extra inventory in anticipation on tax refund season that has yet to come.

The IRS has delayed income tax refund checks from the 2016 fiscal year. This leaves many retailers with extra inventory that is taking up valuable floor and warehouse space. Take advantage of these opportunities and find retailers with overstocked inventory.

New Models

On top of the overstocked inventory, many of these overstocked models will become obsolete in the coming year.

Retailers must make room for new models that will hit the floor later this year by deeply discounting the current models that are taking up space.

The uneven forecasting in 2017 coupled with the timing of new inventory to hit the stores later this summer may be the reason to buy now.

Many retailers are offering deep discounts on top name brand items and offering special incentives to purchase.

If you are moving into a new home or apartment, now is a great time to save on “whole home packages,” which can include living room, bedroom, and dining room sets. Some local retailers may even allow you to pick and choose your own home package to fully suit your needs.

Savings of up to 50% can be expected along with special financing incentives. Many retailers are offering 0% interest for up to 5 years on all purchases.

National Incentives

The pending release of new models will push many national brands to offer incentives that can be taken advantage of at any retailer. These savings are typically offered when purchasing package items, or as an added piece to the set purchased.

Houston, Texas Tax Refund Furniture Sales

Landmark Furniture will be offering huge “Max Your Tax Refund” savings all month long at all 4 Houston area locations.


  • Whole Home Packages for only $1,999 with a FREE 55” HDTV*
  • Build Your own customized “Dream Home Package” – pick and choose the package that fits your needs and style. *
  • Financing – Guaranteed credit approvals, no money down & we’ll make your first payment!

Click HERE for “MAX Your TAX Refund SALE” (

Click HERE for Financing Options:


  • North Houston
  • Katy
  • Webster / Clear Lake
  • Town & Country

Click HERE for Locations (

*See store for details

President’s Day Sales – A Furniture Shoppers Dream?

Well, President’s Day is coming up and most people are just happy to have three-day weekend. I’m sure that you’ve seen the plethora of President’s Day advertisements from local retailers and are probably wondering if the savings are real, or just a gimmick to get you in the door?

Although it may seem like just another holiday, President’s Day is a great time to save on home furnishings, like mattresses, furniture, and appliances.

If you are in the market for new furniture this year, now is a great time to buy!

Local Discounts & Incentives

Many retailers are offering deep discounts on package deals and are offering special incentives to purchase. If you are shopping for value and need to furnish multiple rooms, then now is the time to save.

This is the time to bundle and save – living room, bedroom, dining room, and even whole home packages are available and on sale and many will offer a free TV with purchase!

Some locally owned retailers will allow you to build your own custom package if you need something more custom.

Many retailers are offering 0% interest for up to 5 years on all purchases.

Extra Inventory

Retailers are usually heavier in inventory this time of year and many have purchased extra inventory in preparation of tax return season. Stale inventory is never good for business and you can take advantage during this time of inventory transition.

Also, there will be new product lines coming to market later this year and floor space will need to be made.

Take advantage of their extra inventory and save big!

Houston, Texas President’s Day Sales

Landmark Furniture will be offering huge President’s Day Savings all month long at all 4 Houston area locations.


  • Free 55” HDTV with purchase of a whole home package for only $1,999
  • Build your own dream home package
  • Financing – No credit check, no money down, & we’ll make your first payment


  • North Houston
  • Katy
  • Webster / Clear Lake

Town & Country

New Year New Living Room

2017 is finally here and around the country millions of Americans are beginning their journey to keep their resolutions of tidiness, socializing more, losing weight, and others. Many of you may want to try and spruce up your home in the New Year and make it the comforting oasis you have dreamed of since the day you moved in. We will share some tips on how to turn your living room from a drab to fab with a few easy and inexpensive tips.


We have written in the past about how the color of a room is an important factor in setting the overall mood. While there is no hard science researchers have charged for years that colors can affect a person’s overall mood. It is no surprise then that lounging in a room with the correct colors can create a calming effect. So, we set out to find what colors would help create that sanctuary space we are looking for. According to color specialist Leatrice Eiseman Blues and greens are the way to go.  In a study done at Creighton University done in 1999, researchers found that colors significantly influence emotions and efficiency. The color blue felt the most centered, calm and hopeful towards their work. Since blue can lower heart rates and green reduces anxiety and is associated with money, a combination of blue and green is best for lounging around your house.


It’s called lounging around for a reason. Once you have picked the perfect shade of green our blue for your walls the search begins for a sofa that will truly aid in your quest for total relaxation and lounging. A big plush couch can be just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work. As the name implies this Catnapper set will prove the perfect relaxing respite.  The great thing about this particular model is that is comes in a set complete with a loveseat and recliner! So, whether you are watching the television, reading a book, or curled up with a loved one this set will make a perfect addition to your new living room.

Window Treatment

Good window treatments go a long way to pulling all of the other design elements together to create a completed relaxation oasis. When choosing window treatments it is important to consider sunlight. Shear treatments can add to the breezy relaxing feel but would do nothing to block sunlight on days when you want to relax and watch a movie.  We recommend a great white wooden window treatment in the living room. These treatments still provide a relaxing vibe with thick materials that will block out the sun when a more intimate mood is wanted.


All of these different design elements come together to make the perfect new living room to relax in for 2017 and years and years to come! For more living room design ideas or furniture for the rest of the house visit us at

Spring is in The Air

Spring 2016 is just around the corner and the newest and hottest trends are emerging!  Keep your ears to the ground or your eyes to this blog because we are going to do a quick rundown of everything to look forward to this spring 2016.11

The first trend to look out for is warm metals.  They look great in small detail on pictures, frames, and decorative pillows.  You can spruce up your living room or kitchen with small pottery of picture frames.  Accents of metal are great for reflecting the warm mood of spring in your home.  You will be contributing to this modern trend.  It’s easily noticeable in rustic cafes and Brooklyn type neighborhoods.  Small details will make all the difference.

Our next trend is adding strategic pops of color to specific rooms.  Don’t be afraid to place a bright blue or pink vase alongside more neutral colors.  It’s good for things to contrast and stand out from one another.  Your living room or study will stand out to you even after weeks of enjoying its décor.  Bright features in smaller quantities are excellent for any room, especially to match the growth theme that spring represents. These bright colors look great next to different Earth tones.  Any furniture that gives off the oak or nature vibe will compound that Earth tone look.

12Light is an important aspect for any room but especially in spring and summer.  Natural light is one of the most important features of any room.  Contractors and home builders will spend days just figuring out how the light will enter each home.  You can increase the natural light in your home by taking out or reducing blinds and curtains.  You can replace large dark curtains with tan or brightly colored ones that are meant for more decorative nature than to block light.  In addition, a few lights around the room to fill any dark spots works very nicely.  It will seem that the entire room is filled with natural light and give off a natural sunshine feel.

Our website is full of small and large pieces of furniture that can help you create a unique home.  Visit one of our four locations and browse our inventory on our website

Furniture Drive March 11 – 13

We are always looking for exciting opportunities in our community that allow us to give back.  This year is no different when we host our furniture drive from March 11 – 13, 2016.  We’re partnering with the The Houston Furniture Bank to host a drive collecting gently used furniture for donation.

We are currently collecting donations at 5900 North Frwy. Houston TX 77076 from March 11 – 13.  If you have something to donate at a later date, call and submit a photo of your gently used furniture and we’ll stop by and pick it up for you.  The pickup dates are from March 11th – 31st and each piece of furniture will go to a family in need. 000

The Houston Furniture Bank provides furniture to families in need and we’re very happy to help support them in their cause.  You can learn more about their cause at their website.

If you’re clearing out your home of unneeded furniture and are looking for something more your style.  Check out one of our four locations.  You can view our inventory online and stop into one of our stores in North Houston, Katy, Webster, and Clear Lake for a better look.  We offer the largest inventory in Texas with all different models and styles.

We provide the best prices in Texas along with financing.  We even off same day delivery.  Pick out your new dining room set or furniture and have it in your home the same day. We look forward to helping you create your perfect home.

Resolve to Upgrade Your Furniture!

You don’t have to stick to one New Year’s resolution this year.  A whole new and better you is just around the corner.  After you get back from running or exercising you’re going to want a nice comfy couch or chair to kick back on.  You can take advantage of our prices and redesign a new living room for the new you.

The Voyager Brandy Living Room set by Catnapper is a perfect combination of comfort, style, and pricing.  You can save over $1,000 on this living room set that is perfect for families of any size.  You’ll never be more comfortable watching your favorite football team or favorite Sci-Fi shows.  If you order soon we can have the entire set to you by Feb. 7th so you can watch the big game!1

If you’re in need of something a little more traditional that fits with the style of your home then check out the Soho Onyx Living Room Set.  The black bonded leather is ideal for any contemporary and traditional home.  This is priced for only $899 and comes with the sofa and love seat.

We understand that having a comfortable home shouldn’t mean emptying your bank account.  Prequalified buyers get 0% interest on purchases for up to 60 months.  Our partners offer flexible financing options to you can buy now and pay over time.  You can even receive instant credit up to $4,000 with no interest payments for 90 days.2

Your updated living room is closer and more affordable than you think.  Visit our website for more information and feel free to ask us a question right on our website.

Home Theater Seating for your Super Bowl Party.

It’s 2016 and with that comes another new year of moves, sports, and video games.  You can heighten your home entertainment experience with theater seating. Which is a luxurious accommodation for any home or screening room.  You can relax and watch the Oscar contenders or offer a prime spot to watch the Super Bowl with all your friends and family.

We currently offer five different types of theater seating.  Each one differs for the other in order to find the perfect fit for your home.  We have seating in red and black with fine made leathered.  Each seat is carefully crafted and tailored for the maximum look and appeal.  Being comfortable in these seats is a vast understatement.1

The Delange Theater Seating offers optimal comfort with space for a controller and a bucket of popcorn.  Each chair features power reclining seats and an adjustable headrest.  The chair has storage compartments in the armrests, scoop seating, and LED lights in the center console.  The drop down center console contains everything from cup holders to power outlets, and USB chargers.  You won’t need to worry about a thing once you recline back in these works of art.

2If you’re looking for something that’s a little more classic then you should definitely take a look at the Pavilion Black Theater seating.  These premium seats offer great back support and are the traditional style of a theater seat.  The beverage storage is the single added feature for convenience.  This style is ideal for traditionalists and are available in two, three, or four seat units.  We have shipped an upwards on 8 of these seats for one screening room!

At Landmark Furniture, we’re here for all your home furniture and theater seating needs.  Make your home unique today and take advantage of our current prices.  We have the highest quality items at the best prices in Texas!  Yes, in all of Texas!  View our website to browse our long inventory of home theater seating.